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Cosmetic Dentistry

Bleaching and Bonding

We firmly believe in Minimal Intervention dentistry.  This allows us to preserve as much of your existing tooth structure as possible while enhancing both function and appearance.

In many cases, cosmetic enhancement of a smile can be achieved with minimal or no tooth preparation thereby preserving as much of the original tooth structure as possible.

The teeth are first whitened and then composite resin (white filling material) is bonded (attached) to the tooth surface. The composite resin is sculpted and shaped in a shade to complement the new, whiter tooth colour to give you a fresher, younger looking smile.

This minimally invasive technique can produce fantastic, natural-looking results yet maintain the integrity of the existing tooth structure, just ask Naseema!

For those starting with more crooked teeth, a short course of orthodontic treatment to straighten the teeth prior to bleaching and bonding will still give you a great smile often with little or no loss of your natural tooth structure.

Before treatment

Before treatment

After treatment

After treatment

However, for teeth that are already heavily restored or diseased, a complete smile makeover may be the best option.

Veneers and Smile design

With the improvement in materials and bonding techniques, dentists are able to bond veneers, a very thin porcelain laminate, to the front of the teeth to enhance it. Your smile can be completely rebuilt or changed in shape, contour and shade. The improvement a smile makeover makes can be a life transforming experience giving a real confidence boost, and many of our patients report that they find themselves smiling wider and more often. Just by giving your teeth the correct proportions and contour, your lips and cheeks will be correctly supported, giving fullness to the lips and reduced facial lines and wrinkles that combined with a lighter, brighter colour results in a more youthful appearance without cosmetic surgery!

Before treatment

Before treatment

After treatment

After treatment

Our Guarantee

Our Part

Here at Kew Dental Care, we are so confident in our ability to provide a level of excellence in our restorative work that we will guarantee our crowns, bridges and veneers if, within the first five years, they require repair or replacement for any reason other than decay, trauma or progressive gum disease and replace them at no charge provided you fulfil your part of this agreement.

Your Part

Our guarantee is provided under the following terms:

  • You attend for your routine examination and hygiene appointments at the intervals recommended by your dentist within each 12 month period
  • You complete each course of treatment prescribed by your dentist within the timeframe suggested
  • You keep your scheduled appointments or advise us of any changes with at least 2 working days notice
  • You pay either in advance, or on the day of your appointment for treatment received

Note: This warranty does not cover obvious or intentional abuse or failure to complete recommended treatment at our practice

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