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Dental Implants

Modern technology and science allows the replacement of missing teeth without using dentures and without involving the surrounding teeth as is the case with bridges. Implant treatment is often the best option to replace missing teeth and research is showing us that implants are more successful than alternative treatments. Some teeth that require advanced multiple treatments in order to salvage them may actually be better replaced with implants.

At Kew Dental Care we are extremely fortunate to have Karim Verjee. Karim has over 25 years experience in oral surgery, conscious sedation and implantology. His sound academic and practical experience in the field provides safe, state-of-the-art implant treatment.

Traditionally implant treatment commences after the tooth has been removed and a suitable healing time has elapsed. It is not always necessary to have one implant per missing tooth, as it possible to place bridges on implants. Implants can also be used to stabilise loose dentures. With the advances in biotechnology with implants, it is now possible to place an implant into an extraction socket and in some cases an immediate crown. This eliminates the inconvenience of replacing the missing space with a temporary device.

I am delighted with the implants Karim fitted for me.
He was very caring and made the whole process painless.