Implants & Oral Surgery

We are proud to have Dr. Karim Verjee as part of our highly skilled team. With over 25 years of experience in oral surgery, conscious sedation, and implantology, he brings a wealth of expertise to our practice.

Karim's extensive knowledge and practical experience ensure safe, state-of-the-art implant treatments. Whether you need a single tooth replacement or a full-mouth reconstruction, you can trust in his ability to deliver exceptional care.

Furthermore, Karim remains dedicated to continuous learning and keeping up with the latest advancements in implantology. 

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are a remarkable and transformative solution for replacing missing teeth and restoring a natural, confident smile. These advanced titanium fixtures are surgically placed into the jawbone, acting as artificial tooth roots.  After it’s fitted, the bone surrounding your implant will gradually fuse to it, holding the implant firmly in place. Once in place and securely fused to your jawbone, the implant will be capped off using a realistic dental crown or bridge that perfectly matches the colour and shape of your teeth. 

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants not only offer aesthetic benefits but also provide functional improvements, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile with ease. With their exceptional durability and long-term success rates, dental implants have become the gold standard in tooth replacement options. Whether you're missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants can provide a permanent and lifelike solution, enhancing your overall oral health and quality of life.

Tooth Removal

If your tooth is damaged or decayed and can’t be repaired with a filling or crown first, your dentist may decide to extract the tooth as a last resort. Your dentist will talk through your options with you during your consultation, including replacement of the tooth via implants, bridges or dentures. 

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I am delighted with the implants Karim fitted for me.
He was very caring and made the whole process painless.


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