General Dentistry

Our main emphasis has always been on prevention of dental disease and the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums.

By prioritising prevention, you can proactively preserve the vitality of your mouth and tackle potential issues before they escalate, and so we encourage regular detailed examinations and hygiene visits. Our dentists can offer a tailored maintenance programme based on the needs of each individual.

Routine Examination

Regular dental check-ups are essential in delivering preventive advice and early diagnosis of tooth decay, gum disease and any oral pathology before they become a problem. These involve not only looking at the teeth but also recording periodontal measurements and monitoring the soft tissues and the temporomandibular jaw joints. High quality radiographs (x-rays) are taken where appropriate to assist in our diagnosis and monitoring. Our intra-oral camera displays images of your teeth and gums on an overhead television monitor to further aid in diagnosis, explanation and education.

Composite Fillings

We prioritise the preservation of your natural teeth. When it comes to restoring teeth, we utilise composite (tooth-coloured) filling materials. Our wide range of materials, colours, and adhesives allows us to match them precisely to your unique requirements.

With meticulous attention to detail, our skilled team sculpts and shapes the filling material to not only provide functionality but also to replicate the look, feel, and behavior of a natural tooth.


Regular visits to a hygienist are essential for overall oral health. They skillfully eliminate hidden plaque and tartar, smoothing rough surfaces that harbor bacteria. This enhances the health of teeth and gums, reducing the risk of future issues. Proper oral hygiene is vital for preventing gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss. Hygienists also contribute to a brighter smile through procedures such as scaling and polishing.

What exactly is AIR-FLOW therapy?

AIR-FLOW therapy is a highly efficient treatment for stain removal and deep cleaning of the gums. It utilises a specialised wand that combines water, compressed air, and fine powder particles to thoroughly clean and polish your teeth. By employing air-water micro-burst technology, it effectively reaches difficult-to-access areas that conventional scaling alone cannot reach.

It's important to note that AIR-FLOW therapy differs from teeth whitening procedures. While teeth whitening involves chemically lightening the teeth by several shades, AIR-FLOW is a non-chemical treatment that instantly eliminates surface stains without altering the base color of your teeth. Consequently, your teeth will still appear cleaner and brighter after AIR-FLOW therapy, as it restores them to their natural whiteness. Moreover, AIR-FLOW therapy can even be used in conjunction with teeth whitening treatments to enhance the overall outcome.

Before Treatment

After Treatment


On occasion, we have to completely rebuild teeth if they have been badly damaged, or we may need to replace unsightly chipped old crowns. The recent developments in ceramic technology allow us to place amazingly natural crowns looking without the black line at the gum margin found in the older porcelain-bonded to metal crowns. Only you and your dentist will know they are there!

CEREC same-day crowns and onlays

Experience the convenience and efficiency of same-day dental restorations at Kew Dental Care. We are proud to offer CEREC technology for the creation of custom crowns and onlays in just one appointment.

With CEREC, there's no need to wait for multiple visits or wear temporary restorations. Our skilled dental team utilises advanced CAD/CAM technology to design and fabricate high-quality ceramic crowns and onlays right here in our practice. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and discover the benefits of CEREC technology firsthand.

Sportsguards (Gumshields)

Custom made mouth guards are ideal for contact sports as they’re designed to fit your mouth perfectly and offer a more secure fit. Sports guards can be personalised, so you can match your teams colours if you wish!

Our practice is an authorised provider of custom-fitted mouthpieces manufactured by Under Armour ( that are worn by many professionals. 

Our Guarantee

Our Part

Here at Kew Dental Care, we are so confident in our ability to provide a level of excellence in our restorative work that we will guarantee our crowns, bridges and veneers if, within the first five years, they require repair or replacement for any reason other than decay, trauma or progressive gum disease and replace them at no charge provided you fulfil your part of this agreement.

Your Part

Our guarantee is provided under the following terms:

  • You attend for your routine examination and hygiene appointments at the intervals recommended by your dentist within each 12 month period
  • You complete each course of treatment prescribed by your dentist within the timeframe suggested
  • You keep your scheduled appointments or advise us of any changes with at least 2 working days notice
  • You pay either in advance, or on the day of your appointment for treatment received

Note: This warranty does not cover obvious or intentional abuse or failure to complete recommended treatment at our practice

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